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Testimonials for Roxana

I have had an ongoing problem with my back for many years and have tried a number of remedies and have had several sports massages in an effort to ease my discomfort. I have recently discovered Roxy and she rates as one of the best in resolving my problem. I wholeheartedly recommend her for her sports injury techniques and for her professional manner.

Helen G

Roxy really understood what and where my pains were from running and not using my glutes. Not only was the massage excellent at releasing the knots but I had some fabulous advice on how to prevent it happening in the future.

Circuits is good fun and always different never knowing what is coming up week to week. Pete adapts the exercises to suit individual needs which helps you feel motivated and the sessions fly by.

Jo H

Well, what can I say.... she is a magician! I went to Roxy a few months ago due to a back injury and an ongoing hip issue. Roxy is professional, friendly and frankly ... AMAZING!! She sorted my back out with her magical touch (or excellent technique!) and continues to help with the ongoing hip issue. I have been to several practitioners in the past and can honestly say that Roxy is by FAR the best I have ever been to. Hand on heart, I would 100% recommend Roxy!

Alison H

I started seeing Roxy for treatment on a year old, ongoing neck, shoulder and rib complaint; a post-operative nerve impingement that my GP had acknowledged but advised I independently see a physio for.

I have a high pain threshold and just managed it with pain relief and avoidance of using my right arm (I am right handed).

Roxy identified a complete adherence of my right shoulder blade and a huge shift in my overall posture. After 6 sessions she has righted all those wrongs and I have nearly regained prior strength.

I will continue to see her, however, not just for maintenance of the condition, but because it is an hour of bliss!!

Mary M