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Testimonials for Pete


I have attended Pete's circuit classes as well as having the benefit of one to one personal training sessions with him. His individual focus and friendly approach makes you want to achieve the best that you can for yourself. He is serious about getting the best results for you...but keeps it fun too!

He even went the extra mile (pardon the pun!) and ran a marathon with me...which must have been hell for him, at my pace!!

I highly recommend Pete on every level. He is the inspiration we all need to achieve our personal goals!

Alison H

I have been very grateful to have Pete taking our circuit training classes. He is very dedicated to his work and wants to get the best out of you. I have greatly benefitted and have toned and lost weight thanks to his classes. He carefully watches and corrects you if you are doing any exercise wrong so there's no chance of any injuries. The classes are fun and a great way for anyone wanting to keep fit.

Kate P

Initially I went because I had just retired and it was something I thought I should do rather than something I wanted to do. I have never liked the idea of exercise, haven't attempted for many years, since my last attempt at a gym full of muscular men lifting weights, ended in abject failure, so I was pretty suspicious. But my wife, who had signed up said it wasn't like that, so I gave it a go. Now, a year or so later, I am really glad I did. It has made a major difference to my flexibility, endurance, strength and just general sense of well being.

What I like about what Pete does, is that it is very much geared to what I want to achieve, rather than a predetermined program, each session is different, so I never get bored and if something isn't working or hurting when it shouldn't Pete adapts the session so I never feel at risk. That said, he does stretch me, but always with encouragement. I really do recommend this and think it would suit anyone, no matter what condition they start.

John R

I started circuit training with Pete about 18 months ago and he has taken me from being an unfit middle aged woman to being really pleased with the increase of my stamina and strength. I have lost weight and feel really good. I am not a natural athlete but Pete makes exercise fun.

Helen G

Since starting the MS exercise class about a year ago Pete has continued to deliver an interesting, varied and fun programme which he tailors to meet individual needs. With his enthusiasm and ability to motivate us exercise has never been so much fun. His class is so enjoyable and beneficial to those with MS that we are intending to employ him to take another class in the near future.

Julie H

We are so lucky to have Lateral Fitness virtually on our doorstep. Pete is a fantastic motivator. His sessions are varied, very friendly (great banter!) & everyone can work at a level that suits them, so whether you're new or an old timer you're able to work at a level that suits you, obviously with the encouragement of Pete! Thank you for keeping us fit & making it fun!

Alison Y

I am not sure I can put into words how brilliant Pete is and how much he has done for me since we started training together 2 years ago. I had two major spinal surgeries a few years ago and was really struggling to get back into training. Pete took extra time to research my injuries to make sure I never do anything that could cause further damage. Pete designed a detailed training programme for me which he has adapted over time as I have progressed this has really helped me stay focused, motivated and committed to achieving my goals.

Pete is always available when I need encouragement or advice, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Alex K

In 2014. after a previous gruelling year having surgery and chemotherapy to treat breast cancer, I was aware that I needed to take positive steps to look after my health and restore my sense of well being. I have never been particularly fit or active and my previous attempts to take up exercise had been half hearted and short lived. I contacted Pete to see if he was prepared to work with me and was encouraged by his positive response.

We have been working together since July 2014 and I have no hesitation in saying that it has been one of the best investments of time and money that I have ever made. Any worries that I had about feeling self conscious and/ or inadequate were put to rest very quickly since Pete is always immensely encouraging and supportive . He is also very knowledgeable and observant and his suggestions on posture and movement have made such a positive difference to my everyday life. The sessions themselves, whilst they can be challenging, are never boring, since Pete structures each one differently. We work hard and we have fun. And like a skilled midwife Pete knows when to hold back and when to push!

The work that I have done with Pete has been such an important part of strengthening my commitment to look after my physical and mental well being. My energy levels, my strength and my flexibility have all improved and my confidence in my ability to sustain this improvement is growing. I know that I could not and would not have achieved this without Pete's professional and personal help and support.

Celia R

I have been going to Lateral Fitness circuits for over a year now. Circuits is a good full body workout as well as aerobic and good for keeping the weight down.

Pete, who runs the sessions, as well as knowledgeable on physiology and the correct use of exercise equipment, is also a good motivator. He doesn't allow clients to be lazy and will push you hard, but that's exactly what you need from a good circuits session, 'no pain, no gain'.

Once Pete has inflicted the 'pain', you can always book in to Roxy (his wife) to be fixed again. Roxy is a trained sports masseur and did a good job of relieving a sports injury (not Pete's fault this time).

Pete runs several sessions during the week and his classes have become very popular. I thinks it's Pete's mission to get the whole village of Atworth fitter. He runs adults classes and youth sessions too.

Nick Y

Pete's workouts - brilliant! His calm, patient and encouraging approach gets the best out of everyone. The workout groups are friendly with people of all ages, shapes and fitness levels. A fun, friendly way to keep fit.

Penny J

We have been going to Pete's classes since they began and really enjoy them. Pete is very encouraging and makes time for everyone. He seems to know when you can do more and pushes appropriately. There is a good mix of equipment too. Do not look forward to going but always buzzing when finished. Lots of laughter and fun. Thanks Pete.

Rachel & Freya

I attend Pete's circuit training on a Monday and Thursday evening. I really enjoy the different workouts, friendly groups and it's great value for money.

Lee H

Pete is a complete gem. His fitness classes are motivating and enormous fun and the only reason that I don't just sit on my sofa scoffing cake. Pete judges each person's fitness and limits brilliantly and knows just when to push for more and when to lay off. He has helped me train for a 10k and a Monster Run. Brilliant.


Pete has been a real inspiration. He is a highly focussed and committed individual who aspires to get the best out of you. Sometimes his sessions seem to push you to the absolute limit. But he knows exactly how hard to push your training whilst keeping the sessions fun, motivational and definitely challenging.

Pete is focused on you as an individual and uses his amazing energy and infectious positivity to drive you on. I have had several months of PT with Pete and it has been an absolute pleasure. I've have seen a significant improvement in my personal fitness and energy levels, not to mention muscle gain and fat loss.

Pete's approach is tailored to the individual, allowing you to develop at a pace you are comfortable with but always making you want to push a bit harder or further.

If you want to get fit, get Pete!!!!


King of Motivation

Pete is probably the most motivating man I've met. I have been going to circuits ever since it started, and I have loved every second of it. I was delighted when I heard there would be circuit training in the village, especially since there aren't any gyms nearby. So it's great to have the opportunity to have the facilities Pete has so close to home. Over the past few years I have noticed my fitness levels increasing - all thanks to Pete's workouts. I couldn't imagine not having Pete's classes, as they have been a big part of my life over the years.

Charlie B

It does not matter if you are young or old Pete is one if the most positive and motivating people I know. Varied classes so there is something for everyone, even a social run on the weekend.


...I've been attending the circuits class for nearly a year now. Prior to that I hadn't done much in months! Every week is different so great way to learn different exercises and techniques without it becoming predictable. Workouts are challenging but fun with a great group of people. Pete pushes you to your individual limit to ensure that you get the most out of the class, whatever your fitness level. Definitely recommend ...


Pete always has imaginative, effective, enjoyable, motivating and body enhancing exercises and training programmes. I have seen the results personally and an ever increasing number of my patients have also been very impressed with their outcomes.

Jane C